v60 Stainless Steel Coffee Filter
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Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.5 cm
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RoastCoffee2U Hand Pour V60 Coffee Filter, Stainless Steel, Premium Honeycomb Mesh, Heat Resistance with Wider Base, A Rich Smoother Pour-Over

  • THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE WITH THE TASTE OF COFFEE - RoastCoffee2u’s Hand Pour V60 Coffee Filter is a small lightweight stainless-steel Honeycomb Designed is made to give a sensational barista feel for you as you taste the freshness when drinking coffee. This high-quality filter is also quite easy to use as well. Just a simple add of coffee powder to the coffee filter, slowly pour the hot water, and the extraction process can take up in 2 minutes. After that, simply take out the coffee filter and enjoy the natural flavour of your coffee brew.


  • PORTABLE &ECO-FRIENDLY - As we are adopting to environmentally friendly products, this reusable, permanent filter reduces the use of disposable filter paper and is a hassle free easy to clean with a simple rinse of water after use. You can also keep it in your dishwasher to dry it out. This filter is suitable to bring for your office work, home, travelling and hiking.


  • BETTER FLOW-THROUGH DESIGNThe brewing of a good cup of drip coffee depends on the flavour extraction from the filter coffee. This Honeycomb Design has higher number of fine meshes which filters out most of coffee residue and keep the coffee nutritious and fragrant perfect. This exquisite carving honeycomb design purifies your coffee as you control your brewing to a smooth taste much better than others. This filter also has a wide base, which fits most cups, mugs and carafes.



  • SAFETY SILICONE RUBBER GRIP - This strong, stable, non-slip, non-scratch stand and handle come with a brown-coloured easy-to-grip silicone that fits any type of cup, mug and even a thermos. This prevents burns and less heat exposure when pouring it with hot water.


  • MODERN DESIGN – Honeycomb Design is modern and stylish, giving the feels of generous and grand luxurious, arrived together with a simple yet elegant looking box. A perfect gift for your loved ones or as a souvenir for a coffee enthusiast.